Monday, December 8, 2008

iNXES has been submitted to the AppStore

iNXES is the next generation XBOX Live Friends list application from the team at As the creators of the most popular XBOX Live application in the AppStore, we have put our expertise to work with a totally new mobile XBOX 360 experience.

User Interface
With the NXE as inspiration, the team has brought the excitement of the new XBOX 360 user interface to iPhone/iPod touch. From sliding panels to avatars, you can now browse your friends on the go as you would on your XBOX 360.

  • Touchscreen, gesture-based navigation
  • Full NXE-style gamer card when browsing friends
  • Complete profile support including name, location, and biography
  • Detailed play history including achievement progress graphs
  • Automatic sorting of gamers by status and gamer tag
  • Send Message shortcut through
  • Shortcuts to Online Stats for popular applications
  • Browse Top Games on XBOX Live

The user interface is matched with a new server infrastructure leveraging our full year of experience delivering mobile XBOX Live applications. As an Official XBOX Community Developer, you will not be putting your Live login at risk.

  • Add gamertags within the application
  • Import gamertags from using our exclusive utility
  • Automatic refresh of data while running
  • Force manual refresh by shaking device
  • Offline access via integrated caching

The application has been submitted to the AppStore and should be available within a week or so. As with our existing XBOX Live Friends List, this will be FREE application. We'll keep you posted and let you know as soon as it hits.

For More Info
Leave a post in the comments section or send a message to borocouncilman via XBOX Live.

Thank you all for your help and support and...
don't pwn alone(tm)