Saturday, December 13, 2008

iNXES Day 1

With several thousand downloads, iNXES is already at #31 on the chart of free Social Networking applications in iTunes AppStore. We did that volume in less than a day and that's with general availability hitting around 2PM ET.

Our servers have been seeing a lot of action today, but nothing has gone down and things are holding up well. That alone is a feel good for the team.

Response has been almost entirely positive with folks eager to see where we take the application in the next release. From the moment you launch it, iNXES is a bold step in a new direction and we're going to be taking it even further. There will be a v1.1 in the coming weeks that will address a few of the feature requests and general application feedback. Sincere user feedback is always appreciated.

Most common user question of the day is "Do I have to upgrade to the 2.2 firmware?". The answer is YES. Our application actually uses some of the SDK additions in 2.2 so you'll need to upgrade.

Thank you all for your feedback and support...
don't pwn alone(tm)