Friday, December 5, 2008 Top XBOX Live Games for Week Ending 12/5

With just every major XBOX 360 for the holidays now behind us, Gears of War 2 maintains a stranglehold on the top spot. While it's been reported elsewhere on the net that Halo 3 leapt to #1, our data does not show such a trend. If you look at our popularity index representing gamer share, it's not even close right now. Of course, it's entirely likely that Halo 3 will sit back on top with the release of the upcoming map pack, but we won't see it until 2009.

1. Gears of War 2 (1000)
2. CoD: World at War (778.29036388569)
3. Halo 3 (656.86497089459)
4. Call of Duty 4 (624.97162109393)
5. Left 4 Dead (291.88045442575)
6. Fallout 3 (214.93502365666)
7. Fable II (188.29063632318)
8. Rock Band 2 (173.66982391456)
9. GTA IV (165.47853646576)
10. Madden NFL 09 (160.43844274726)
11. Guitar Hero III (139.38810537882)
12. Guitar Hero World Tour (128.78120544512)
13. Gears of War (110.41891805988)

37. Guitar Hero II

For the moment, CoD: World at War is slowly gaining support in the 360 community and will probably overtake Gears of War 2 as players tire of Horde mode. I love Horde mode, but Left 4 Dead makes the Gears Horde look just silly.

Let's just say it, straight from the team, Left 4 Dead is probably the best multiplayer game on the console right now. I would like to put specific emphasis on the word "multiplayer". With Left 4 Dead, you actually play with other people and play together out of necessity. You must work with your teammates -- the headset isn't an option. You're never playing alone in Left 4 Dead. Anti-social, silent, no headset types need not apply.

In other titles, it's easy to become a loner, sniper, or unstoppable one man killing machine. Alternately, find yourself playing "alone" on a team of 4-16 people. Left 4 Dead is a whole new ball game. Rambo tactics are a ticket to death and a player caught by themselves will get turned into zombie lunch post haste. Yes, it's that awesome.

Thank you and...
don't pwn alone(tm)