Saturday, September 27, 2008


In checking out our iTunes AppStore Reviews, I came across this new "one-star darling" review.

"I'm sure this is a good app but what about the people that have a PS3??? They desurve [sic] somthing like this too."

Yet another person took the time to give our application one-star, because they want a PS3 version. We would love to offer a PS3 version of our Friends List application. Unfortunately, SONY just doesn't make the data available to allow it to happen. I have even written about it on the blog before. You can read my article here.

In the absence of SONY provided data, we recently tried the screen-scraping route on the Sony site, but access to friends requires you to provide both your PSN and PlayStation Underground logins. In the end, we decided that it wasn't worth releasing an application that required TWO logins to give you a list of friends with status. It's just not worth it and the application would break as soon as SONY updated their site.

If you are a PS3 fan, by all means send me a friend request. As on XBOX Live, I am "borocouncilman" on PSN. Once you add me, you'll see that I am racking up trophies in WipEOut HD this week. Need further proof that I don't hate the PS3, I was featured on the cover of a local magazine holding a PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 controller.

Angry emails and messages won't make a PS3 friends list happen. In the absence of action by SONY, it's just not possible.

Thank you and... don't pwn alone(tm)