Monday, September 15, 2008

Fast Add XBOX Live Friend Shortcut Application

We just submitted another application to the AppStore for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Specifically, this application addresses a request first posed by Patrick Klepek of MTV multiplayer. It is a quick and dirty application for adding a friend to your XBOX Live friends list via

It's by no means any kind of substitute for our 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends List. Instead, this application simply gives you a nice shortcut on your iPhone/iPod Touch home screen versus clumsily navigating This FREE application lets you get down to business.

Depending upon the response, we may integrate this functionality into our friends list application and/or import utility. Let us know what you think. Given the limitations imposed by Microsoft, this application will launch in Safari, but it is otherwise automated.

The Fast Add XBOX Live Friend application should hit the AppStore by this weekend.

Thank you for your feedback and support
don't pwn alone(tm)