Monday, September 8, 2008

AppStore 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends List v1.4 Import Functionality

Yesterday, we submitted our new v1.41 release of the 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends list application to the AppStore. With this new version, we have incorporated a facility to import your friends from

To import your friends, we have created an external web-based utility. With this tool, you can import your friends list in a matter of minutes. Importantly, the process does not require your Passport/Live login -- it respects Microsoft's security policies. Click here or below to see a video of the import utility in action.

There's more. The import functionality isn't just for friends. You can also create your own custom friends lists of clan members, coworkers, and/or classmates. We've created an open process for importing gamertags into the application. You can learn about this feature under the Add/Import Friends menu item of the application.

Release v1.41 is still in Apple's review process. From prior experiences, we anticipate that the application will complete the AppStore review process within the week. We look forward to your feedback on this new functionality.

Thank you for your comments and support.
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