Tuesday, August 26, 2008

iLive Developer Acknowledges Theft of 1337pwn.com Data/Bandwidth

Curtis Hard (NBK THE1), "creator" of iLive, has acknowledged that his application was "stealing 1337pwn developer feed from them without any permission". This morning, he posted that confirmation to his blog. In addition, he sent me a couple of apologetic XBOX Live messages. The iLive AppStore application will be inoperable until Curtis finds another source for data. (See Update at the end of this post)

Had we had not discovered their bandwidth/api code poaching, the unauthorized use of 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends data would have likely continued indefinitely. While we appreciate the apologetic remarks, they do come after the fact. The improper use of the data was only acknowledged after we altered the feeds with special content.

The IP Address of the iLive web site is The server used to scrape our Dashboard feed is The developer said that the feed was provided by an "untrustworthy friend", but the IP addresses suggest another scenario. As the developer himself noted, "Don't trust anyone in this day and age". Be careful with your personal data out there.

iLive application has been pulled from the AppStore and the author has indicated that he is stopping development. As we demonstrated, the application was dependent upon our data.

Thank you for your support.
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