Monday, August 18, 2008

AppStore 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends List v1.2 (minor update)

Last Friday, we posted version 1.2 to the AppStore -- the same day that we launched with 1.1. The new revision is a minor update that will likely appear on the AppStore within the week. Specifically, it addresses a bug discovered after submittal where the application will no longer launches if you delete all of your friends from the list and quit the application with no one in the list. With the v1.1, the problem can be resolved by simply uninstalling and re-installing the application.

Our next new feature release (not just bug fixes), will be revision 1.5. We're keeping the list of new features close to the chest at the moment and won't be revealing them until the application is ready. We think that you will like the 1.5 update.

Thank you all for your support!
don't pwn alone(tm)