Sunday, August 10, 2008 App Store Submission

We have deployed the native iPhone/iPod Touch XBOX Live Friends application to the AppStore. The application should be available for sale as soon as it clears Apple's review process. If you'd like a sneak peek, click here to see a development build in action.

We think that it is the best XBOX Live Friends application out there on any device and hope that you agree. We look forward to your feedback. Enjoy the application!

If you are looking for an excellent web-based alternative (ie. you haven't upgraded the firmware), be sure to check out our web-based application for the iPhone/iPod Touch here.

Thank you and... don't pwn alone(tm) XBOX Live Friends List - AppStore Description

Our XBOX Live Friends List application is the one that you've been waiting for. has been recognized for delivering on the promise of XBOX Live Anywhere with our web-based application. We've put our experience to work in the development of our native AppStore application.


Our AppStore XBOX Live Friendslist application allows you to view your 360 gaming friends from just about anywhere. At a glance, you'll see all of the important information without having to click through multiple screens.

* Gamer Picture
* Online Status
* Gamerscore
* Last Played Game
* Player information

Plus, this information is updated right on your device without action by you. When running, our XBOX Live Friends list automatically updates with the latest information from Microsoft XBOX Live. No refreshing or relaunching to see the latest information.

Select a gamer from the list and you'll be treated to the most detailed information available with integration unique to our application.

* Complete XBOX Live Profile including Biography and Location
* Send messages through via our handy shortcut button
* Recent Games List including score and last date/time played
* Direct link to a player's iHaloStats face card
* Links to leaderboards for applications like the Club and Geometry Wars
* Shortcut links to compare achievements on
* Location is integrated with Google Maps application
* Twitter integration - simply include twitter(twitname) in XBOX Live bio

Tap on a game in the Recent Games list and you'll see a game details screen not available anywhere else.

* Game Popularity and Ranking on XBOX Live
* List of friends that also have played the title including their gamerscore
* Retail Box art for games (where available)

When it comes to managing your friendslist, our native application is head and shoulders above our web application and widgets. Press the Edit button and you're greeted to a native iPhone/iPod Touch friends list editor.

* Add/Delete gamertags
* Modify/Change gamertags
* Reordering via Drag-n-drop
* Verifies new gamertags eliminating guesswork

As official members of the XBOX Live Community Developer program, you won't put your Live/Passport login at risk. We take your security and privacy seriously.


We wrote our application from the ground up to perform work well regardless where you roam with your iPhone. It is built considering the limitations of mobile data networking in mind and works on EDGE, 3G, or WiFi! Regardless of how you're connected, our application starts within just a couple of seconds and doesn't impose artificial or arbitrary limitations on the number of friends on your list.