Friday, July 4, 2008

PSN Multiplayer Observation

I really enjoy our PS3's, but I've noticed a trend with online multiplayer shooters. With XBOX Live, if you quit a game early or quit a server, your reputation takes a hit. On the PS3, there is no such stigma and it really, really shows. Hosts and players quit constantly without any repercussions.

How bad is the problem? I experienced host quitting in Metal Gear Online FOUR times in a row. Why? I was leading the host in all four occasions. Instead of allowing the game to complete, the host simply quit.

I've been forcibly kicked while in the lead in Unreal Tournament 3 so many times that I don't even bother with the online mode anymore. I just crank up the bot skills and roll through botmatches.

Now, it's not like my game play is anything special. On XBOX Live, I am a player slightly above average. I don't suck and often prove to be a solid contributor in multiplayer.

The human competition on XBOX Live is simply stronger. The 360 owners have sharpened their skills across two console generations and it's evident in the game play. If you're looking for solid online multiplayer, the 360 is still the place to find it.

don't pwn alone(tm)