Friday, July 11, 2008

The week that pwn'd me

We had a great meeting today. It was a nice way to cap off a week that included our YouTube video and whole bunch of news behind the scenes. We're now focused on completion of some new applications. As such, it looks like I will be heads down coding for the next couple of weeks.

Most of the members of the team didn't score an iPhone 3G today -- except for those lucky bastards that will go nameless. Personally, I came up empty-handed after hitting a couple of AT&T stores. At the last AT&T store, I ended up pre-purchasing a white 16GB iPhone 3G. It should be in later this week. With my old iPhone out of commission, I'll have to get my 2.0 fix on my iPod Touch. It's really a shame that Apple is currently charging $9.99 for that privilege.

On the gaming side, I checked out Haze on the PS3 -- it's terrible. There really is no reason to suffer through a game that mediocre with so many better options out there. Haze is beyond bad. Conversely, Metal Gear Solid 4 is so good that I am playing through it again. Is it worth a second playthrough? You bet!

With the release of 2.41, PS3 gamers have a much improved console this week. I still don't know how I feel about the "Trophy" thing. It's best described achievements without Gamerscore. If that doesn't make sense to you 360 owners, you're not alone.

I finally cracked 500k on Geometry Wars. My personal best was achieved while talking on the phone with my father. With that, I am convinced that Geometry Wars is best played when you're distracted with something else. Geometry Wars and Halo 3 SWAT is practically all that I am playing on the 360 right now.

I am happy that my daughter re-discovered Mario Strikers. It's a true gem of the game. Between that and Smash Bros, the Wii is seeing action on rainy days with the kids.

Thank you all for your great feedback and support!
don't pwn alone(tm)