Saturday, February 23, 2008

1337pwn XBOX Live Friends for Mobile Devices

We now support Blackberry, Treo, Centro, Palm PDAs, Windows Smartphone, Windows Mobile, and cellphones with limited web browsers. The new 1337pwn Mobile application is a lightweight browser version of our very popular MacOS Dashboard widget and Apple iPhone/iPod Touch application. With 1337pwn Mobile, you can check up on your XBOX Live friends from almost anywhere.

Here is a photo of the application in action on my Blackberry Pearl. Finally, there is an easy way to check on my XBOX friends and gamertags from a Blackberry.

You can access the 1337pwn Mobile XBOX Friends List at the following URL:

It uses no AJAX calls, no Javascript, no CSS, and should be usable on a web browser of any vintage. We've been testing the application with Blackberry devices. Let us know how it works for you - send a message via XBOX Live to "borocouncilman" with information about your device.

Thank you all for your feedback and support.