Friday, April 11, 2008 Serves Up Warhawk Statistics

We are proud to announce our first iPhone/iPod Touch application for Playstation 3 gamers. The 1337pwn Warhawk Leaderboard application gives you the ability to compare your performance (rank/score/kills) against friends, foes, and rivals. The application defaults to display the top 15 players in the world. You can build your stats leaderboard by pressing EDIT LIST.

Currently, we're supporting the full set of standard Warhawk statistics with more to come. At 1337pwn, we are committed multi-platform gamers. We look forward to enhancing this solution and bringing other solutions to the community.

We welcome your questions/feedback. Please send your comments to PSN ID "borocouncilman" via your Playstation 3.

Thank you all for your support!