Tuesday, April 8, 2008

1337pwn Warhawk Statistics for iPhone/iPod Touch (Alpha)

At 1337pwn, we have been busy developing a player stats application for the extremely popular Playstation 3 Online Game, Warhawk.

With our server-side code completed, we are now working on clients for the statistics data. The iPhone/iPod Warhawk web application is very much underway as well as a widget for the MacOS dashboard. Here's a screenshot of our 1337pwn iPhone/iPod Warhawk (ALPHA) application in action.

As gamers, we are excited to be offering applications to the PS3 community. We look forward to your feedback. Playstation 3 gamers are welcome to send thoughts and comments to borocouncilman via the Playstation Network.

Would you like to try it on your iPhone/iPod Touch?
Point your iPhone/iPod Touch browser to:

If you'd like to try displaying your own friends and clan members, you can specify a list of handles/PSN ids (separated by commas - no extra spaces). To access it at any time, bookmark the application and add it to your home screen.

PSN ids:

NOTE: The above application is a live data technology demonstrator. It is very much an ALPHA level release. You can expect cosmetic changes and performance tuning. We are planning a Beta release in the coming week that will allow you to specify a list of players, friends or clan members from the application itself.

Thank you all for your feedback and support!