Saturday, March 1, 2008

1337pwn XBOX Live Friends Update

We have updated the 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new version incorporates updates to the Gamer Detail screen as well as new Game Detail screen. If you already bookmarked the application, you will get the updates automatically.

You can check out the application at:

1. Friends List
Tapping on a gamerpic or recent game will display the Gamer Detail screen for your friend.

2. Gamer Details
The Gamer Detail screen displays detailed information and recent games. Tapping on the "gamercard" portion at the top of the screen will take you to their XBOX Live profile. You can compare achievements by tapping on the gamerscores. Pressing the game icon will display the Game Detail screen. You can even send a message via XBOX Live using the link provided at the bottom of the screen.

3. Game Details
Now, you can see which of your friends has played a particular game recently. You can compare achievements by tapping on the gamerscores. Pressing on a gamerpic will allow you to see details for that gamer.

Note to Microsoft: This is functionality that should be built into the 360 dashboard.

The Current Popularity Index gives you an idea of a game's current popularity. It's based upon number of recent players and utilizes on a scale of 0-1000. The hotter the game, the hotter the index color.

Let me know what you think of the updates by sending a message to borocouncilman via XBOX Live.

Thank you all for the great feedback and support!