Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1337pwn XBOX Live Friends for iPhone/iPod Touch

Users of our iPhone/iPod Touch XBOX Live Friends list application have likely noticed a number of nifty updates. We've been polishing the application and including useful new features. Recent fixes and updates include the following.

  • Retail Box Art is now available under game details

  • Current Popularity Index has been changed to improve readability

  • Locations are now hyperlinked to the Google Maps application

  • Cosmetic improvements to gamercard and game info

  • Halo 3 text is now hyperlinked to player information

  • Bookmarking a gamer or game now includes an appropriate icon for your home screen

  • Recent games list has been improved and is no longer limited to 16 games going forward

  • Problems related to strange game characters have been fixed

As you've seen over the last week, we have added quite a bit of depth to the application. From the display of recent games to game details, we have responded to your feedback and will continue to do so. We are really proud of the application and are committed to ongoing improvements and new functionality.

Be sure to check out our FAQ.

Thank you for your feedback and support.