Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dark Master

You may have noticed that has begun to incorporate advertising into our applications. Why are we doing this? Have we sold out? Are we not hard core gamers? Nobody likes ads, but there's an economic reality.

We are faced with the challenge of keeping the site and applications going for a user community that has swelled past the 500k mark and millions of requests per day. As you can imagine, the hosting bill is officially HUGE and while we do this out of a love for video games, the credit card can't take it anymore. The advertising that you see in the applications is keeping us up and running.

I'm certain that some people will hate the ads, but without the support of these advertisers, would likely cease to exist and our applications would no longer function.

With that, if you like what we do and want to support, we ask that you give our advertisers your patronage. Click on an ad every once in a while and check out what they have to offer. That simple action keeps our site up and running.

For the folks that purchase the marquee space (the sky) in the iNXES application, please visit their sites. These are especially cool people that understand what we're trying to do. On that note, we'd like to thank the crew at WMMR radio for being fans of the application and supporters.

If you're an advertiser that wants to support what we do, send an XBOX Live message to borocouncilman and we'll hook you up with the right people.

Thank you all for your support!
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