Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Debug

As you can tell from my prior post, we were pretty frustrated with the differences between Tiger and Leopard dashboard behavior. I spent some time on the phone with one of the folks helping us test a new version of the widget on Tiger. It's not there yet, but that community support makes the effort worthwhile. I really appreciate all of the support emails and the folks that helped us test out various Tiger-friendly candidates. And despite my vent, I must say that Dashcode is pretty darn cool -- we couldn't have developed the widget so quickly without it.

Frankly, we're missing such a strong development tool for the Windows version of the 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends Widget. I've seen some of the other XBOX Yahoo/Konfabulator Widgets and applications out there. Given this sampling, I strongly feel that we can bring something better to the table. Unlike the other guys, we don't screen scrape data at the client. On the server side, we've built "a better mousetrap" with the support via the Microsoft XBOX Community Developer Program. Our goal for the Windows version is the same as the MacOS widget -- build something that just works.

Of course, developing a solid Windows application takes time and a lot more testing. There will most certainly be a Beta to work out the kinks. We'll keep you posted as the Windows version nears release.

Thank you all for your support!